C+E (Artic) Commercial Training

Course: C+ E (Artic)
Location: Fir Tree Lane, Rotherwas, Hereford, HR2 6LA
Email: info@pjetraining.com
Tel: 01432 356 521


PJE Driver Training Courses Hereford |  C + E

PJE Training offer C+E (Artic) driver training to commercial companies and private individuals. Our training is thorough and DSA approved. You can also take your test on-site, meaning you do not need to go to another site to get C+E certification.


The C+E (Artic) test is identical to the C test, consisting of:
Vehicle Safety Checks
On-road Driving
Reversing exercise

Course Cost

All our course charges are highly competitive – For information on our training charges, please call our team on 01432 356 521 or email info@pjetraining.com

Training Days

This is a four day course. Which includes three full days training followed by the test on the fourth day, all carried out in our Hereford based DVSA customer vocational site. 

Test Time

The test lasts approximately 75 minutes. The on-road driving part of the test is carried out to LGV standards; your training with DSA qualified instructors will cover on-road driving to ensure you are above the examiner’s expectations.